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HOLF, Home Of Loving Faithfulness

Home Of Loving Faithfulness

Ritu Hemnani is a committed writing ambassador for the Home of Loving Faithfulness (HOLF).  HOLF is a Hong Kong based Christian Care Home, which has served mentally and physically disabled children and adults since 1965.

There are more than one billion people with disabilities worldwide and they are one of the most disadvantaged and marginalized groups in society.  Sadly, they are routinely denied the most basic human rights, often cut off from education, employment and healthcare.  Many live in extreme poverty… even in Hong Kong.

Through faith and devotion from caring volunteers, HOLF has grown into an extended family that prays for feeds, clothes and tends their forever children; providing an invaluable sanctuary to many who might otherwise be abandoned.

As Ritu says: “You don’t often find a place where this kind of unconditional love is so freely given. At HOLF, those with multiple disabilities who need constant nursing care are loved, served and empowered to achieve their full potential.  To me, HOLF is like a slice of heaven.”

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