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Ritu Hemnani

Hello and welcome to my site!

Though I far prefer chatting face-to-face, this is a great way to get to know more about me and my picture book, ‘Gope and Meera – A Migration Story.’

You can also read about my life, peek behind the scenes at new projects, and pick up some tips to inspire you on your own creative journey.

There’s plenty to see so scroll through and feel free to drop me a line to tell me what you liked and what else you’d like to see.  This site will have continuous updates so be sure to visit again soon!





I am so UNBELIEVABLY thrilled and grateful to announce that Alessandra Balzer at HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray has bought World English rights to my debut historical middle-grade novel-in-verse, THREE COLORS OF HOPE. It is my hope that this coming-of-age tale about Raj’s struggle to find himself in a broken world will change everything for at least one child, create empathy in at least 100 more and inspire a thirst for history’s truths that at least 1000 will never forget. I couldn’t ask for a better agent, better editor, or better community of supporters than all of you and I cannot wait to share this book of my heart with the world.



School Visits

School Visits


An Inheritance Worth Sharing


Gope and Meera: Trailer


Gope and Meera
A Migration Story

“Why do people migrate?” Nadia asks her grandparents one evening.  Their answer takes Anoushka, Nadia and Tarun on a journey back in time to Sindh, (now Pakistan), through the story of Gope and Meera.  Best of friends, Gope and Meera laugh, play and celebrate India’s Independence in August 1947.  Soon after, however, Gope and Meera learn that India has been split into two and realise that they are now living on the wrong side of the border. As refugees, their lives are turned upside down during the chaos following the Partition of India and they are separated forever…or so it would seem.

Beautiful and heartwarming, Gope and Meera – A Migration Story is a tale about a cherished homeland reluctantly left behind and why the Hindu Sindhi community is scattered across the world today.  It is a tale of tragic loss, determined hope, preserved culture and spirited victory that will captivate readers of all ages.

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